Lawsuits Filed by the Receiver
Regency Realty Group, Inc.
4/16/13 Order of Close Out  (As to Third Party Complaint)
4/15/13  Joint Stipulation Order of Dismissal
4/12/13 Joint Stipulation of Dismissal (As to Third Party Complaint)
3/21/13 Order Denying As Moot Motions For Summary Judgment
3/21/13 Order Approving Settlement Agreement
3/19/13 Receiver’s Motion for Approval of Settlement Agreement
3/15/13 Third Party Plaintiff and Third Party Defendants Joint Pre Trial Stipulation
3/15/13 Third Party Plaintiff and Third Party Defendants Joint Status Report
3/15/13 Receiver's and Regency Realty Group, Inc. Joint Status Report
3/14/13 Notice of Intent to Withdraw
3/13/13 Order on Notice of Settlement
2/28/13 Notice of Settlement
1/28/13  Receiver's Expert Witness Disclosure

Receiver’s Response to Regency Realty Group Inc.'s Motion for Summary Judgment

1/22/13 Regency Realty Group, Inc.’s Response In Opposition To Receiver’s Motion For Partial Summary Judgment
1/14/13 Mediation Report
12/21/12 Receiver's Motion for Partial Summary Judgment Regarding Actual Intent to Hinder, Delay or Defraud Creditors
12/21/12 Regency Realty Group, Inc. Motion For Summary Judgment, Statement Of Material Facts and Memorandum Of Law
12/11/12 Order Granting Extension Of Time To Disclose Expert Witnesses
11/30/12 Re- Notice Of Mediation
11/29/12 Joint Motion To Extend Deadline To Disclose Expert Witnesses   
11/28/12 Joint Motion To Remove Case From Jury Calendar And Set On A Non-Jury Calendar
11/27/12 Notice Of Mediation
8/1/12  Standing Discovery Order For Magistrate Judge James M. Hopkins
7/31/12 Order Resetting Trial Date (Trial set for April/May 2013)
7/18/12 Order Transferring Case from Judge Middlebrooks to Judge Hurley
7/13/12 Third Party Defendant's Answer and Affirmative Defenses to Third Party Complaint
7/9/12  Order to Transfer Magistrate Judge
7/3/12 Realty Group's Rule 26 Disclosures
6/18/12 Order Resetting Telephonic Scheduling Conference
6/18/12 Agreed Motion Re Initial Scheduling Conference, Order & Trial Date
6/11/12 Regency Realty Group's Rule 7.1 Disclosure Statement
6/8/12 Regency Realty Group, Inc. Third Party Complaint
6/8/12 Regency Realty Group, Inc. Answer and Affirmative Defenses to Complaint
6/6/12 Order Setting Telephonic Scheduling Conference
5/22/12 Order Referring Case and Setting Trial Date
5/2/12 Complaint for Damages and To Avoid and Recover Fraudulent Transfers And For Other Relief
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