Lawsuits Filed by the Receiver
LaKay Investment Inc.
8/11/10 Final Judgment in Favor of Receiver ($780,000)
8/10/10 Order granting Motion for Default Judgment
6/23/10 Receiverís Motion for Default Judgment
5/6/10 Receiverís Response to Order to Show Cause
5/5/10 Clerks Default
5/4/10 Receiverís Motion for Clerkís Default
4/26/10 Order to Show Cause to Receiver
4/9/10 Order Resetting Trial Date
11/18/09 Order Transferring Case
11/16/09 Receiverís Initial Disclosures
9/15/09 Scheduling Order
9/11/09 Answer
9/6/09 Complaint

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